Hooray for Monday

Hooray for Monday is a new collection of resources we’ll be sharing
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What would it take for every child to be excited about returning to school on Mondays? 

This is a question Inspired Teaching founder and president Aleta Margolis
explores in new ways each week in the Hooray for Monday blog series.
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What’s in the weekly Hooray for Monday publications?

Each Monday morning we send out a short, uplifting electronic publication that includes a thought-provoking excerpt from one of Aleta’s blog posts, a challenge teachers can take to hone their skills as Instigators of Thought©, an instructional idea from our #Inspired2Learn collection, and a few links to other useful tools and opportunities. These publications are short and packed with useful information. You can preview past issues below:

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It will take work to make engagement the norm this year. It will take marshaling our knowledge of observing and listening to kids, giving and receiving feedback, finding the right words to push a learner forward, and applying creative energy to planning lessons that engage all our students’ senses.

— Aleta Margolis