Speak Truth

 Student Led, Civic-Discourse

Speak Truth is student-led, text-based discussions, about contemporary social issues.

Each program brings students together from all over the District – public, public charter, and private schools – to engage in a dialogue that exposes them to a diverse array of perspectives.

Through student-facilitated conversations, participants learn to productively and respectfully discuss current, controversial topics. The thought-provoking conversations at Speak Truth teach students to defend their stances on a myriad of issues and help them develop and recognize the power of their voices. As a national model for civic discourse and dialogue among young people, Interschool Seminars have the power to shape a generation of socially conscious future leaders and citizens who will be responsible for building a better future for us all.

Transformative Education Opportunity

Prepares students to thrive

in a university classroom, where they will engage in similar high-level discourse

Creates space for dialogue

where students can safely share their voices and experiences

Exposes students to a variety of media

through speeches, essays, movies, news articles

Provides community service hours

 to students who facilitate discussions and write follow-up papers

Models Inspired Teaching in action

emphasizing student-directed classrooms

 Attend or Facilitate at Speak Truth

Speak Truth Seminars are unique and invaluable opportunities to talk about important, current topics with students from a range of backgrounds and experiences. Designed for students, by students, each conversation allows students to meaningfully engage with a text, topics, and their peers.

To join students from across the D.C. area and participate in or facilitate a Speak Truth conversation, email Cosby Hunt at cosby@inspiredteaching.org

This was a wonderful way to authentically connect with other professionals on an under-discussed topic.

— Adult Visitor, Speak Truth