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June 11: In-Person | National Arboretum

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We’re proud to serve teachers, students, and families in our hometown of Washington, DC, and contribute to a changemaking movement that’s transforming teaching and learning across the country.

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Speak Truth Guidebook: A Path Toward Better Student-Led Discussions

Young people care about issues affecting them and the world around them. Their concerns don’t always line up with the curriculum, and teachers don’t always have the time, tools, or resources to explore their students’ interests. Yet we know elevating youth voices is critically important not only for students’ well-being, but for their development as problem-solvers and future leaders. The Speak Truth model presented in this Guide offers a way to bring meaningful student-led conversations into the classroom. Whether you host a Speak Truth session once a quarter, once a week, or every day, you will be creating a valuable space for learning where young voices and curiosity can grow.

Making School Worth It: A Hopeful Toolkit from Inspired Teaching

This toolkit contains ideas from Inspired Teaching’s more than 26 years of work with teachers and schools. These ideas are framed in a series of articles written by Inspired Teaching Founder and President Aleta Margolis for Hooray For Monday. The resources and activities found here are designed to bolster Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity and center student needs in all instructional, curricular, and social-emotional decisions. Download your copy today!

Thank you all so much for an incredible day of professional development.

— Inspired Teaching Academy Participant

 Stories & Announcements


Make Way for the Monarchs

Make Way for the Monarchs

Few lifecycles are as enticing to observe in their entirety as that of monarchs and watching the transformation from a caterpillar into a creature that can fly is a powerful metaphor for the kind of transformation one can do through learning.

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Finding Smiles

Finding Smiles

Focused and specific feedback on how we positively relate to others is good for our self-esteem and encourages us to lean into our authentic selves.

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Hands and Feet Stories

Hands and Feet Stories

Learning to listen deeply may very well be one of the most important skills we can cultivate as members of a community and one of the ways we can demonstrate our understanding of what we hear is by sharing back what was said.

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Seeing with Different Eyes

Seeing with Different Eyes

Using basic observation and listening skills, this activity can serve as a catalyst for building community in the classroom and deepening understanding of how each of your students thinks.

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