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We partner with teachers as the leverage point for change in the education system.
Through innovative professional learning programs, we help teachers build their practice to actively engage their students as empathetic, critical thinkers.
We believe every child deserves an Inspired Teacher®.

Read our Recommendations to the Biden-Harris Administration, focused on support of inquiry-based teaching and learning, media literacy, anti-racist pedagogy, prioritizing social studies and science, and centering teachers in our democracy.

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Speak Truth – 5/20/21 @6PM

Virtual Teacher Institute -5/15/21 @10:00 AM ET -or- 5/19/21 @6:00 PM ET

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We’re proud to serve teachers, students, and families in our hometown of Washington, DC, and contribute to a changemaking movement that’s transforming teaching and learning across the country.

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Being able to observe and debrief with my Inspired Teaching resident gives me an opportunity to also think through my practice in a similar way. I am constantly reflective of the work I do.

— Inspired Teaching Residency Lead Teacher

 Stories & Announcements

Be Quiet: Hooray for Monday

Be Quiet: Hooray for Monday

Silence is good for your brain. Research shows it relieves stress and tension and can even regenerate brain cells. Silence supports mental wellness.

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Embracing an Improvisational Mindset

Embracing an Improvisational Mindset

When we embrace an improvisational mindset, we welcome surprise – in the form of student questions, problems, and ideas – and we incorporate it into our lessons while remaining laser-focused on our objectives.

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Seven Bikes

Seven Bikes

This activity combines observation and inquiry as learners exercise their imaginations to find multiple answers to the same question.

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Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

One way to stimulate our imaginations is to relax and let our minds flow uninterrupted. Automatic writing gives our minds the space to do just that.

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