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We partner with teachers as the leverage point for change in the education system.
Through innovative professional learning programs, we help teachers build their practice to actively engage their students as empathetic, critical thinkers.
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Speak Truth

September 2, 23 6 PM ET
October 7, 21 6 PM ET (Teacher PD on 10/21 at 5:30 PM ET)

Inspired Teaching Institutes

For Parents & Teachers

Online (7-9 PM ET)
September 22 (Wednesday): “Yes, And…”
October 13 (Wednesday): “When the Opposite Is Also True”
November 11 (Thursday): “The Art of Storytelling”
In-Person (Saturdays 10 AM -12 PM ET)
September 18: FDR Memorial, Washington, DC
October 16: Location TBA
November 13: Location TBA

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Making School Worth It

What do we need to do to make this year better for students, teachers, and parents?

As the new school year begins, parents, teachers, and students face challenges and concerns that have been omnipresent since March of 2020. It’s difficult to apply creative thinking while operating in survival mode. But even within such constraints, we know a return to the old normal will not work. (Was it really working then?)

So, how can we make school worth it in this new reality?

This toolkit contains ideas from Inspired Teaching’s more than 26 years of work with teachers and schools. These ideas are framed in a series of articles written by Inspired Teaching Founder and President Aleta Margolis for Hooray For Monday. The resources and activities found here are designed to bolster Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity and center student needs in all instructional, curricular, and social-emotional decisions. Download your copy today!

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We’re proud to serve teachers, students, and families in our hometown of Washington, DC, and contribute to a changemaking movement that’s transforming teaching and learning across the country.

Inspired Teaching Institute

Immersive Teacher Leadership

Inspired Teaching Academy

Relevant Professional Learning

for Monday

A Weekly Resource

Inspired Teaching Youth

Experiential Learning

[Student] facilitators pushed the conversation to be in depth and engaging and everyone spoke a lot.

— Inspired Teaching Youth

 Stories & Announcements


Zoom Out

Zoom Out

Considering the size of our problems in the relation to a bigger context can help us understand the nature of the issue better, and sometimes even make the problem seem less huge.

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Seven Bikes

Seven Bikes

This activity combines observation and inquiry as learners exercise their imaginations to find multiple answers to the same question.

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Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

One way to stimulate our imaginations is to relax and let our minds flow uninterrupted. Automatic writing gives our minds the space to do just that.

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