Student Programs

What does the Inspired Teaching Approach look like in action?

Young people should be able to learn and achieve at high levels without having to surrender their intellectual curiosity and their passion for learning. In addition to teaching teachers, we run programming for students in order to demonstrate great teaching in action. Student-participants connect with peers, discover new perspectives, and strengthen the curiosity and critical thinking skills they will need to thrive in a complex world.

Real World History: Hands-on Learning

A one-of-a-kind credit-bearing course available to all public, public charter, and independent school students in Washington, DC, Real World History teaches history through inquiry, equipping students with a hands-on understanding of our past and its influence on our present.

Speak Truth: Student-led Conversations

The Speak Truth program teaches teachers to prepare high school students from all backgrounds to engage in student-led civic discourse on topics including gentrification, voter suppression, consent, affirmative action, mental health, racism and bias, and cancel culture.

These programs are made possible in part by the Learn24 after-school and summer initiative through the office of the Mayor of Washington, DC and United Way.

I believe that Real World History is a great learning experience that opens you up to new people and teaches you life skills.

— Real World History student