Inspired Teaching Youth

 Preparing the Next Generation

Young people should be able to learn and achieve at high levels without having to surrender their intellectual curiosity and their passion for learning.

By engaging students as active learners and critical thinkers, Inspired Teaching Youth programs demonstrate best practice for engagement-based pedagogy and reinvent the school experience for students.

Our youth programs are funded in-part by the Learn24 after-school and summer initiative through the office of the Mayor of Washington, DC and United Way.

At Inspired Teaching, we transform the role of the teacher from information provider to Instigator of Thought®. An Instigator of Thought teaches students how to think, instead of doing the thinking for them.

An Inspired Teacher’s classroom contains 5 Core Elements, which together create optimum conditions for students’ growth in the 4 I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity.


All Real World History students participated in National History Day in 2018, submitting research papers or exhibits in the citywide competition under the theme Conflict and Compromise. One of our RWH students claimed first place in the individual exhibit category for her project on the DC drug lord Rayful Edmond, and two students placed second and third for their research papers about Karla Galarza and the Attica Prison uprising, respectively. The first- and second-place winners advanced to the national competition in June, where they joined over 3,000 students from the United States, US territories, and international schools in China, Korea, and South Asia.


of Real World History alumni surveyed state that the course prepared them for future college and career success

Real World History students have won awards at National History Day


of Real World History alumni world recommend the course to their peers

Education needs to cover EVERYTHING. Leaving out things bc of discomfort is doing a disservice to youth.

— Student, Speak Truth

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