Inspired Teaching Youth

 Preparing the Next Generation

Young people must be able to learn and achieve at high levels without having to surrender their intellectual curiosity and their passion for learning.

By engaging students as active learners and critical thinkers, Inspired Teaching Youth programs demonstrate best practice for engagement-based pedagogy and reinvent the school experience for students.


4 Real World History Students won first prize at the DC National History Day in 2017 incorporating research, songs, and original poetry connected to the year’s theme, Taking a Stand in History.


of Real World History alumni surveyed state that the course prepared them for future college and career success

Real World History students have won awards at National History Day


of Real World History alumni world recommend the course to their peers

Mr. Hunt makes you go outside of your comfort zone in a way that assists in the development of students–and that is a priceless thing throughout the whole experience. The relationships let me relate to students I don’t normally get to talk to and I get to know different perspectives because we come from different parts of the city, different schools, and different experiences.

— Student, Real World History