Speak Truth Guidebook

A Path Toward Better Student-Led Discussions 

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Speak Truth Guidebook

Download this guide to better student-led discussions.

Young people care about issues affecting them and the world around them. Their concerns don’t always line up with the curriculum, and teachers don’t always have the time, tools, or resources to explore their students’ interests. Yet we know elevating youth voices is critically important not only for students’ well-being, but for their development as problem-solvers and future leaders. The Speak Truth model presented in this Guide offers a way to bring meaningful student-led conversations into the classroom. Whether you host a Speak Truth session once a quarter, once a week, or every day, you will be creating a valuable space for learning where young voices and curiosity can grow.

The Speak Truth Model addresses several elements of the C3 Framework including: 

Dimension 1: Developing questions and planning inquiries
Dimension 2: Applying disciplinary tools and concepts (Civics, economics, geography, history)
Dimension 3: Evaluating sources and using evidence (Gathering and evaluating sources / Developing claims and using evidence)
Dimension 4: Communicating conclusions and taking informed actions (Communicating and critiquing conclusions / Taking informed actions)