A Bouquet of Appreciation | Hooray For Monday

April 29, 2024

By Jenna Fournel, Director of Teaching and Learning

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Teacher appreciation week officially begins next Monday – but because we think teachers should be appreciated every week of the year, we’re starting early.

For centuries people have attributed symbolic meaning to plants and flowers and today we offer a bouquet of herbs whose meanings represent six things we wish for teachers as they head into these final weeks of the school year.

Chives for Usefulness

May you be reminded in ways large and small of the good you put into the world as you create learning experiences that build useful skills your students will apply for the rest of their lives.

Lavender for Love

May you find at least one small thing every day that you love about your job, for naming what we love makes it more evident.

Mint for Strength

May you recognize and celebrate your capacity to do hard things in the service of your students every single day and find confidence in the strength you possess to keep coming back.

Oregano for Joy

May you laugh with your students and colleagues and find time for the vital work of play, and silliness, and joy that learning requires.

Sage for Wisdom

May you embrace mistakes as opportunities to gather wisdom in the continuous learning  that is at the heart of this profession, and may you find colleagues who share your curiosity and wonder and want to keep learning by your side.

Yarrow for Courage

May you be compelled by the courage of your convictions to stand up for what you and your students need to thrive. And may you find a chorus of allies who will join you in your advocacy.

How lovely it would be if such a bouquet of herbs could make these wishes come true to benefit teachers.

Instead, teachers work very hard to bring these qualities: usefulness, love, strength, joy, wisdom, and courage, to the work they do to benefit students. Plants cannot grow without sun, water, and nutrients; teachers cannot grow in their profession without nourishment and support. That nourishment and support is needed every day of the year.

To our teaching colleagues: We see you. We appreciate you. We will continue to advocate for you and do all we can to provide support and nourishment through useful resources and opportunities to learn joyfully together. See below for more!

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