What it looks like when this need is NOT being met:

  • Laughter or smiles are infrequent
  • Mood may be subdued or melancholy
  • Peers do not engage much or well with one another
  • Difficulty handling uncertainty, fear of “messing up” or doing something unfamiliar
  • Trouble solving problems or solutions lack creativity

Ways to help meet this need:

  • Low-stakes games that allow students to play and learn together
  • Learning opportunities that are not tied to grades but instead work to build community and creative problem-solving
  • Hands-on activities that allow for multiple outcomes.
  • Intentional experiences with humor (i.e. entertaining stories, videos, opportunities for sharing jokes)
  • Experiences outside the classroom such as campus walks, field trips, speaker visits, community projects etc. that provide a unique context for learning

See below for additional resources and downloads for understanding this Learner Need!

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