Wide-Ranging Evidence of Learning

Multiple forms of student learning data are collected, analyzed, displayed, valued, and used to inform instruction. Students write essays, create artwork and dances, give speeches, build models, design and administer surveys, write code, create apps, create videos and podcasts, and much more—in addition to taking tests and exams. 

Teachers provide rich feedback to students, and students have the opportunity and responsibility to assess their own work as well. In schools that embrace Inspired Teaching’s 5 Core Elements, all kinds of evidence of student learning is visible. Classroom and hallway walls are covered with student work—essays, explanations, artwork, photography, blueprints, models, and more. When visitors enter the school, students have a lot to tell them—about what they are studying and why, what they’ve figured out so far and what they are striving to discover next.

September Inspired Teaching Institute

Teachers can’t control what happens between the time students wake up and when they arrive at school but they have a lot of control over what happens when students cross the classroom threshold. Participants in this fast-paced, idea-rich Institute will learn 20 different strategies for starting the school day!