Mutual Respect

Everyone’s voice matters: Every student, every teacher, every parent or guardian, every school leader, every staff member, every custodian, everyone. Students’ ideas and teachers’ ideas are encouraged and appreciated as part of academic instruction. Students and teachers are partners in setting and maintaining high expectations. Instead of looking to behavior management or other crowd control mechanisms, adults in school embrace relationship-based discipline, restorative justice, and other philosophies that authentically build self-discipline and intrinsic motivation, and teach genuine responsibility. Students are not expected simply to comply with rules. The expectation is that school will help students thrive.

September Inspired Teaching Institute

Teachers can’t control what happens between the time students wake up and when they arrive at school but they have a lot of control over what happens when students cross the classroom threshold. Participants in this fast-paced, idea-rich Institute will learn 20 different strategies for starting the school day!