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Inspired Teaching allowed me to see the importance of releasing power in my classroom to my students and allowing them a stronger voice.

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Mar 28 10:10 am

What r ur beliefs abt teaching and learning? Explore ur dispositions w/ our very own Cosby & Dave at @deeperlearning

August 2016

Fellows integrate technology into their study of mnemonic devices and brain-based learning.

Inspired Teaching to pilot new, online challenge

In line with Inspired Teaching's vision of changing school from a place that prizes compliance to a place that promotes engagement, Inspired Teaching is piloting the online Instigator of Thought Challenge.

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Making Room for the Unexpected

"Favoring engagement over compliance and teaching with some openness can lead to the unexpected. Many teachers have been trained to believe that the opposite of total control by the teacher is utter chaos for students. With the right supports, though, the opposite of total teacher control should be shared ownership of the classroom." Read more from Jane Ehrenfeld, Inspired Teaching's Executive Director.

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