Inspired Teaching to pilot new, online challenge

August 19, 2016

In line with Inspired Teaching’s vision of changing school from a place that prizes compliance to a place that promotes engagement, Inspired Teaching is piloting the Instigator of Thought™ Challenge with a core group of educators.

Starting Fall 2016 and continuing through the spring, participating teachers will regularly receive ideas, resources, and activities that are immediately useful in the classroom and can spark professional learning at each teacher’s own pace. Teachers piloting the Challenge will also provide feedback to guide Inspired Teaching in finalizing the program for its official launch next year.

Participation entails:

  • Joining the Instigators of Thought community of educators.
  • Receiving Inspired Teaching activities regularly during school year 2016-17 and trying those activities (or a subset) in your classroom.
  • Providing regular feedback on the Challenge – both through surveys and other methods, including uploading student work periodically and/or participating in a focus group.

Any educator interested in piloting the Challenge can sign up here. Please contact for more information. 

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