Inspired Teaching Residency

 Great teachers aren’t made overnight

 Our Innovative Model

We value the complexity and importance of the teaching profession. The Inspired Teaching Residency’s intentionally designed training prepares teachers to best serve their students.

Become a teacher

Fellows spend a full year training in the classroom of a lead teacher, and seamlessly connect theory to practice before entering classrooms as teachers of record. Fellows receive targeting mentoring and earn a MAT and a teaching license.

Defy traditional teacher preparation

Every training is intellectually, emotionally, and physically engaging. Through professional development founded on the techniques of improvisational theatre, Fellows experience how learning should look and feel. Teachers consistently examine their own beliefs and biases as they facilitate learning environments that validate and uplift student voices.

Honor the individual

In order to thrive, teachers and students’ physical, emotional, social, and cognitive growth must be nurtured. Just as the whole student is valued in the classroom, the Inspired Teaching Residency prepares bright, passionate individuals for successful and sustainable careers by supporting all facets of their development.

Redefine the role of teacher

Inspired Teachers are changemakers in classrooms, schools, and society. True change in the educational system will happen only with and by teachers. To maintain a strong democracy, teachers have a critical role to prepare students to be active citizens in society.

Inspired Teaching helps you to see your own strengths and know how to use them. If you do that, you’re able to help the children.

— Judy Holton, Inspired Teaching Mentor


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Residency Year
Summer Teaching Practicum
Fellowship Year
Alumni Teaching Commitment
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of Fellows continue to work as a classroom teacher four years into their careers


of Fellows believe the program is preparing them to be effective teachers


of Fellows say that the Inspired Teaching Residency built their skills in creating a positive classroom climate through effective communication and relation-building