Partner Feature – Ashoka Globalizer

September 15, 2016

(Logo courtesy of Ashoka Globalizer)

Center for Inspired Teaching is delighted to feature Ashoka Globalizer, which supports social entrepreneurs in scaling the impact of their ideas to reach those who need them most. As a participant in the Re-imagine Learning Globalizer, run in partnership with the LEGO Foundation, Inspired Teaching developed a new strategic plan with the benefit of Globalizer’s resources, thought partnership, and connections.

ag_logo_orange_slogan_rgbAshoka Globalizer challenges participating organizations to think beyond growth in the traditional sense. Rather than merely expanding operations, social entrepreneurs consider how to open up access to their ideas so that they can become the new norm in society. Leaders are asked to focus on the system changes they seek. Then, together with a team of global business leaders and consultants, they build efficient and open strategies that can generate both the direct and indirect impact needed to achieve those changes.

This perspective informed the creation of Inspired Teaching’s new strategic plan. Rather than attempting to single-handedly transform the education system, we identified our unique strengths and opportunities to leverage our work so that engagement-based learning can reach more people.

Nadine Freeman, the Co-Director of Ashoka Globalizer, said, “We were very excited to work with Center for Inspired Teaching because they were already creating such strong impact and we saw so much potential for more.” She continued, “From the beginning, they were very receptive to new ideas on how they could open up their model to others to maximize impact. We are thrilled with their progress and their efforts to build a strong coalition of advocates, among educators, government leaders, other organizations and corporations – so that engagement-based learning becomes the norm for all students.”

Read about Inspired Teaching’s new strategic plan here, and our participation in the Re-imagine Learning Globalizer Summit here. You can learn more about Ashoka Globalizer, including the themes for past and upcoming years and resources on scaling impact beyond growing your organization, at their website.

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