Partner Feature – President Lincoln’s Cottage

Real World History students participate in a semester long internship at a variety of historic sites in Washington, DC. In addition to serving as a partner for our internships, this year President Lincoln’s Cottage also hosted our Changemakers in Action event. We’re proud to count President Lincoln’s Cottage as one of our most dedicated partners.

President Lincoln’s Cottage is a historic site and museum located in Petworth, on a hilltop in northwest Washington, DC. It is the only place the public can experience the history of Abraham Lincoln’s public and private life where he lived and worked for over a quarter of his presidency. Through innovative guided tours, exhibits and programs, they use Lincoln’s example to inspire visitors to take their own path to greatness, and preserve this place as an authentic, tangible connection to the past and a beacon of hope for all who take up Lincoln’s unfinished work. Through all of their work, they strive to reveal the true Lincoln and continue the fight for freedom.

Each year, President Lincoln’s Cottage welcomes over 5000 students—from kindergarten to graduate school—to walk in Lincoln’s footsteps. Through award-winning education programs, students gain insight into Lincoln’s most influential ideas and decisions, and leave this Home for Brave Ideas thinking about how to apply these lessons to their lives and planning to make the world a better place.

“Through [the partnership with Inspired Teaching] we have found synergy in our shared desire to teach people how to think, and not what to think.”

                      – Callie Hawkins, Associate Director for Programs, President Lincoln’s Cottage

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