Partner Feature – Katherine Wolfe

September 16, 2015

(Photo provided by Katherine Wolfe)

Center for Inspired Teaching is pleased to feature board member, Katherine Wolfe.

katherine-wolfeKatherine is Assistant Vice President and Relationship Manager within the PNC Bank’s Trade Finance Group based in Washington, DC. She is responsible for managing existing and new relationships within the working capital guarantee portfolio, which had loans totaling $459 million in exposure as of fiscal year end 2014. Katherine holds a BS in Finance from Wake Forest University and CFA Charterholder.

Katherine joined Inspired Teaching’s board in May 2015, fueled by her interest in, and passion for, high quality education for all students: “Having been raised and surrounded by passionate educators throughout my life, I have the deepest appreciation and admiration for them. The classroom should be an intellectual adventure for students. Our educators need to find dynamic and substantive means to engage students so that they become lifelong learners who flourish both in the classroom and out. I believe that Center for Inspired Teaching is providing those means to our teachers and, in turn, helping to mold and enhance our school systems to create an environment for our children to excel.”

In addition to participating actively on the board, Katherine assisted in planning Inspired Teaching’s kickoff 20th Anniversary Celebration at Nats Park and was instrumental in making the event a success. Katherine is also a volunteer at the National Air and Space Museum through PNC’s Grow Up Great program. Last year, she and her colleagues raised $6,000 for the cause.

Katherine is particularly excited about being part of Inspired Teaching in its 20th Anniversary year: “This is a year to reflect on the successes and achievements of Inspired Teaching and leverage the celebration to bring greater awareness to the work of Inspired Teachers. We have an opportunity to invite members of the community and, by sharing our 20 years of success, recruit new Instigators of Thought. These Inspired Teachers are key parts of DC schools, and I know that as leaders, they will make a direct impact not only on their students but also on their colleagues, sparking discussion and reflection on how to cultivate a vibrant learning environment. I am eager to continue to see the substantial shift in our school systems over the next 20 years with these Instigators of Thought leading the charge.”

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