Partner Feature – Capital One

October 21, 2015

Center for Inspired Teaching is pleased to feature Capital One, a longtime supporter of Inspired Teaching’s work transforming classrooms into places that foster young people’s critical thinking, problem solving, and community building skills.

“Capital One is proud to partner with Center for Inspired Teaching to train educators to teach 21st century skills and empower their students to be active citizens,” says Naomi Smouha, Community Relations, Capital One. “By encouraging a child’s innate ability to be inquisitive and by engaging a child in critical thinking, we are helping more people get ready for tomorrow, starting today.”

Capital One’s support helps power Inspired Teaching’s programs and initiatives throughout DC public and public charter schools—initiatives that embolden the practice of teachers across the District and enrich the educational lives of thousands of students.

Capital One recently launched Future Edge, a multiyear initiative that brings together the private and civic sector around the common goal of preparing Americans to successfully navigate an ever-changing, digitally-driven economy. Learn more about Capital One and their work here.

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