See Inspired Teaching in Action

Discover Authentic Engagement

We invite teachers, aspiring teachers, school administrators, partners, and all members of the community to see what Inspired Teaching looks like in classrooms and programs across the city.

Please contact Rebecca Bauer at with any questions about upcoming visits or to be added to our visit invitation list.

 Changemakers in Action

Join us for Changemakers in Action to celebrate Inspired Teachers and students in our programs as changemakers in classrooms, schools, and society.

Changemakers in Action 2018
Tuesday, May 29, 2018 | 6:00-8:00pm
Smithsonian Museum of American History


Through a gallery-walk and group activities, the event showcases what it means to be an Inspired Teacher and student in our programs. During the evening, immerse yourself in Inspired Teaching and discover authentic engagement first-hand with participants in three of Inspired Teaching’s signature programs: the Inspired Teaching Residency, the Inspired Teaching Institute, and Real World History.