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January Inspired Teaching Institutes!

Can professional learning be self-care? At these Institutes, the answer is YES!

TEACHERS AND PARENTS are invited to join us for two hours of interactive creativity as we learn about and strengthen the skills of improvisation that can be applied to all learning experiences with children and youth. Start the year off right with an exploration of what’s possible in our work with children when we allow for wild imagination, dream big, and say yes more.
In January we will explore:

  • How the rule of “all ideas count” in improvisation can apply in our classrooms.
  • Ways to build rather than block students’ creative thinking.
  • Applying design thinking to address challenges.

DC Public School teachers get PLUs through the Washington Teachers’ Union for participation. Thanks to the generosity of our donor community, Institutes are free for all participants.

Note that in January both of our sessions will be online. We hope to return to in-person programming soon!

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Inspired Teaching was a great recharge for me, and it breathed new life into my curriculum and teaching practice. My most important goal as a teacher has always been getting my students to be the ones doing the thinking, so Inspired Teaching’s Instigator of Thought framework really resonated with me. After Institute, I’ve tried to move away from any type of lecture where students are only sitting and listening, and you can see the results in my class.

Inspired Teacher Leader

 Our Comprehensive Approach

Engagement-based Classrooms

The Inspired Teaching Institute challenges teachers of all academic subjects to build student achievement and meet standards in creative and effective ways. Throughout the Institute participants are intellectually, emotionally, and physically engaged as they delve into a rigorous examination of the teaching-learning process. Teachers emerge with new and more effective strategies for reaching every student and engaging learners in thoughtful analysis of academic material, allowing them to unlock their students’ potential to think critically and creatively, solve complex problems, and collaborate effectively.

Transformative Teacher Leadership

The Institute equips teachers with skills and experience to take on leadership roles in their schools and districts. Teacher Leaders facilitate professional learning for their colleagues throughout the school year, creating a multiplier effect that extends the power of the Institute well beyond the participants’ classrooms. By investing in teacher leadership, the Inspired Teaching Institute transforms the school experience for hundreds of thousands of students in the United States and beyond.

Year-long Wraparound Support

The Institute begins with an improvisation-based summer Intensive, where teachers participate in hands-on, improvisation-based activities to align themselves around best practices for engagement-based instruction, and to build their instructional pedagogy. Teachers progress through 5 stages: understanding themselves as learners, examining their beliefs about students, analyzing their teaching practices, building their instructional skills, and advocating for student-centered instruction.
During the year, participants engage in individualized classroom coaching, group meetings, and access to online resources to provide comprehensive support for teachers, resulting in lasting changes in teaching practices.

Personalized Coaching

Effective professional learning is grounded in the classroom so every Teacher Leader works with a classroom coach to continue their journey throughout the school year. By forming a strong relationship with their coach, teachers foster and strengthen their reflective capacity and pedagogical skills. Coaches are carefully selected, experienced classroom practitioners who engage teachers in discussion and reflection that broadens their experience, and encourages independence and risk taking. Coaching is driven by the Teacher Leader’s goals, and is grounded in the Inspired Teaching Approach.



of Teacher Leaders (‘17) state that Inspired Teaching built their skills in effective questioning and feedback to ensure student & teacher growth


of Inspired Teaching Institute alumni report that Inspired Teaching has positively affected their practice


of Teacher Leaders (‘17) state that Inspired Teaching enhanced their ability to create a positive climate for students and teachers through effective communication and relationship-building

 The Institute Experience