Inspired Teaching presents at Ashoka U Exchange

March 23, 2016

This February, Mara Duquette, Inspired Teaching’s Manager of Teacher Certification, and Athena Kopsidas, 1st grade Master Teacher at the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School presented at and participated in the Ashoka U Exchange in New Orleans. From evaluating learning outcomes, to forming partnerships, to revising college admissions, the Changemaker Education track of the Exchange brought together partners and influencers to discuss how we spark systemic change that will transform schools into learning labs for the leaders of the future.


Mara and Athena joined an innovative and diverse group of educators on the opening Changemaker Panel to discuss how their institutions are preparing teachers to succeed in today’s rapidly changing education system, where empathy and changemaking are increasingly necessary skills for youth to achieve their fullest potential. They learned from others and spoke about how Inspired Teachers are committed to being changemakers in their classrooms and beyond. As one 2014 Inspired Teaching Fellow said, “As both an Inspired Teacher and changemaker, it is important to embody passion for learning, empathy, open mindedness, and community building.”

True shifts in the educational landscape will happen only with and by teachers. Inspired Teaching is thrilled to be a member of the Ashoka community and to be bringing empathy and changemaking skills into every classroom.

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