Inspired Teaching joins Think It Up kickoff telecast

September 18, 2015

(Photos: Sammy Magnuson/Center for Inspired Teaching)

On September 11, 2015, the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) launched a new national education initiative, Think It Up, with a live, special broadcast on all four major US networks. Center for Inspired Teaching was invited to attend the telecast in Los Angeles with our partner Ashoka: Innovators for the Public, a lead contributor to the initiative.

At the hourlong event, musicians, actors, comedians, and public figures celebrated the inspiring teachers and influences in their lives and contributed their talents, including sketches by Jessica Williams and Stephen Colbert, a heartfelt performance by Big Sean, and video highlights of innovative schools, including a representative of Ashoka’s Changemaker Schools Network.

Big Sean performs in front of a picture of the grandmother who inspired him.

Artist Big Sean performs in front of a photograph of his grandmother, a defining positive influence in his life.

Changemaker schools lead Ashoka’s Start Empathy initiative, which identifies empathy as “the new literacy” for success in a changing and complex world. Network member schools, including the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School, demonstrate a commitment to building empathy as a 21st century skill, which “lies at the heart of teamwork, good leadership, and real-world problem-solving.”

Actor Gwyneth Paltrow introduces Ashoka's Start Empathy Initiative.

Actor Gwyneth Paltrow introduces Ashoka’s Start Empathy Initiative.

Engaging, student-centered approaches to education that build 21st century competencies are the key focus of Think It Up. Donations to, through a partnership with, will fund student-powered, teacher-led projects in grades 7 through 12. To help guide teachers interested in transforming their practice so that all learning is student-powered and inquiry-based, Center for Inspired Teaching has contributed free resources to

As the Think It Up initiative generates increasing excitement, Center for Inspired Teaching will continue to train and support teachers, schools, and partners like Ashoka as we develop learning experiences that engage, challenge, and inspire all students.

Watch the full Think it Up telecast here


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