Inspired Teaching Demonstration School hosts visitors from 2015 Ashoka U Exchange

February 26, 2015

(Photos: Sammy Magnuson/Center for Inspired Teaching)

The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School, an Ashoka Changemaker School, hosted visitors from the 2015 Ashoka U Exchange. Visitors toured classrooms and engaged with school staff and teachers to learn more about Inspired Teaching’s instructional model and how it’s thoughtfully implemented in every classroom.




Following their tour, visitors joined a panel of Inspired Teaching teachers and staff – Athena Kopsidas (Master Teacher, 1st grade); Jon Berg (Lead Teacher, 1st grade and 2012 Inspired Teaching Fellow); Daris McInnis (PreKindergarten, 2014 Inspired Teaching Fellow); Latisha Coleman (Middle School Principal/Master Teacher, 5th-6th grade); and Kate Keplinger (Chief Operating Officer).



The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School, a professional learning community of Master Teachers and teacher residents, provides an excellent education for students and invests in teacher preparation and meaningful professional development for teachers. Curriculum and student goals are centered on the 4 I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity.

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