Inspired Breathing for Inspired Teaching

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Give the Gift of Breath

Inspired Teaching recently held Inspired Breathing for Inspired Teaching, a unique in-person breath and yoga workshop designed for educators in Bethesda, MD.

Participants were provided with a framework for understanding learner needs and specific improvisation, movement, and breathing techniques for grounding themselves to meet those needs. The session was led by Catherine Dahlman, a neuromuscular massage therapist, Ayurvedic yoga specialist, and expert in bodywork and breathwork, and Aleta Margolis and Jenna Fournel, veteran teacher-educators with Center for Inspired Teaching.

Your $25 donation to Center for Inspired Teaching unlocks a link to the video recording of that session, as well as the accompanying Inspired Teaching insights, exercises, and strategies explored in the workshop. Your financial contribution supports Inspired Teaching’s year-round programming and resources — and the virtual Inspired Breathing for Inspired Teaching workshop resources are a wonderful way to show your appreciation to the educators in your life!