Fellows Advisory Board hosts event for prospective, current, and alumni Inspired Teaching Fellows

March 13, 2015

(Photo: Jon Berg)

On March 11, the Inspired Teaching Fellows Advisory Board (FAB) hosted an event bringing together prospective, current, and alumni Inspired Teaching Fellows for a discussion of teaching, learning, and living in Washington, DC. Fellows from every cohort attended the event, contributing to the lively conversation about what it means to be a teacher and changemaker.

FAB plans social events, professional events, and serves in an advisory capacity for the Inspired Teacher Certification Program. FAB’s mission is to cultivate a professional network of Inspired Teaching Fellows while informing program initiatives.

The application to join the 2015 cohort is now open. Learn more about the program and apply before April 6.

August Inspired Teaching Institute

Meeting new classes for the first time can be daunting! So many names to learn, so many new personalities to get to know. Join us on Wednesday, August 10 as we share what we’ve learned through working with hundreds of new classes for more than 27 years.