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Creating Environments Where Employees Thrive

Successful companies harness employees’ creativity and divergent thinking to drive innovation and growth in a rapidly changing world. These companies employ systems and policies that foster the learning of new skills, challenge entrenched routines, and push staff members to develop open mindsets. This workshop can be tailored to directors/managers, or all employees.

Managers will experience what an engagement- based work environment feels like, through activities that inspire them as learners and professionals. They will learn approaches to creating engagement-based spaces for employees. Participants will come away with a concrete vision of their their own engagement-based workplace and methods they can employ to cultivate this in their offices


  • Unlock the benefits of an engagement-based work environment
  • Implement engagement-based management techniques
  • Activate 21st century skills in employees
  • Foster a more energized & invested staff
  • Increase creativity & innovation in problem solving, new product development, etc.

Employees will engage in activities that shift mindsets and improve 21st century skills including critical thinking, creativity, and systems thinking. Participants will learn how to directly apply these skills to speci c roles and situations.


  • Tap into the benefits of 21st century skills in the workplace
  • Enhance morale, workplace engagement, & intrinsic motivation
  • Develop methods for promoting innovation & effective problem solving
  • Strengthen analysis of complex tasks & situation
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