Aleta Margolis

Aleta Margolis

Founder and President

Aleta Margolis founded Center for Inspired Teaching in 1995, and served as the organization’s Executive Director until 2016, when she assumed the role of President. As President, Aleta focuses on amassing public support for transforming school from a place that prizes compliance to one that promotes engagement. Previously, Aleta worked first as a public school teacher, then as a professor of education at American University. In 2001, Aleta was awarded a Fellowship from Ashoka: Innovators for the Public. Aleta holds a BA in Theatre Arts from Brown University, and an MS in Education and Social Policy from Northwestern University.

What is your favorite lesson to teach?

The Math Dance! I originally developed it for my 6th grade students, and now engage teachers in the challenge of choreographing a dance with parallel and perpendicular lines; acute, right, and obtuse angles; concentric circles; odd, even, and prime numbers; and many more mathematical concepts.

September Inspired Teaching Institute

Teachers can’t control what happens between the time students wake up and when they arrive at school but they have a lot of control over what happens when students cross the classroom threshold. Participants in this fast-paced, idea-rich Institute will learn 20 different strategies for starting the school day!