Developmental Appropriateness

What it looks like when this need is NOT being met:

  • High levels of anxiety around assessments and projects
  • “Zoning out” or inability to engage with a lesson; difficulty staying focused for a given time period (for instance, in early childhood classrooms, lessons requiring too much sitting will be difficult for developing bodies that need to move)
  • Outbursts and expressions of frustration with assigned tasks
  • Refusal to participate in a task and difficulty explaining why

Ways to help meet this need:

  • Nurture relationships with families to better understand students and share learning.
  • Recognize and value home cultures.
  • Provide multiple means of engagement, representation, and action and expression following Universal Design for Learning guidelines.
  • Keep informed of the latest research on child development and neuroscience so practices are current. Refer to page 26 in the Guidebook for more research.
  • Ask effective questions to identify where a learning struggle is occurring.

See below for additional resources and downloads for understanding this Learner Need!

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