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The work that Center for Inspired Teaching does is so important. I have seen the educators in action and felt the positive energy they bring to their classrooms. To raise the bar on quality, we need engaged, highly educated teachers who, like those selected for Inspired Teaching’s program, want to make a difference in a child’s life.

— Stacey L. Collins, Manager of Client and Community Relations, PNC
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Mar 28 10:10 am

What r ur beliefs abt teaching and learning? Explore ur dispositions w/ our very own Cosby & Dave at @deeperlearning

January 2017

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Growing & Thriving in a Changing DC

Executive Director Jane Ehrenfeld talks about Inspired Teaching's unwavering commitment to the students and teachers of Washington, DC; our plans to serve the surrounding region; and our intent to ensure engagement-based education is the norm for every child.

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An Appreciation of Oran Sandel

"Oran’s influence and his voice not only fueled the creative process among the teachers he taught, it also enabled teachers to see the creative genius in their students." Founder and President Aleta Margolis writes an appreciation of Oran Sandel, a luminary who brought his joyful creativity and theater expertise to Inspired Teaching’s foundational years.

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Partner Feature – Capital City Public Charter School

Inspired Teaching Fellows enter the profession through a two-year, residency-based program, spending a year learning from lead teachers in aligned partner schools before they take over classrooms of their own. Capital City Public Charter School was Inspired Teaching’s first residency partner site. We’re proud to count Capital City as one of our longest and closest partners.

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