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Deal Teacher Wins School System’s Top Honor

2015 Inspired Teacher Leader Jan Schuettpelz was featured in a piece published in The Northwest Current, describing her designation as the DCPS Teacher of the Year. Jan’s engagement-based style of instruction makes science come alive for her students,

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Watch: Real World History student gives speech on Black masculinity

This winter, Real World History student Maya Branch gave a speech as part of the Project Soapbox competition, making a case for fighting Black hyper-masculinity. In this 2-minute speech, Maya demonstrates her ability to connect history to the issues that matter to her today, along with a mastery of the skills of historians such as critical thinking and persuasive communication.

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Jan Schuettpelz, 2015 Inspired Teacher Leader, named DC Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year

Jan Schuettpelz, a 2015 Inspired Teacher Leader, was awarded Teacher of the Year for the District. Jan is a seventh grade science teacher at Alice Deal Middle School. She participated in the Inspired Teaching Institute in school year 2015-2016, building her skills in engagement-based instruction in order to ensure her classroom is a vibrant learning community in which lessons are, in her words, “hands-on, minds-on.”

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Formal Learning in Museums and Historic Sites

Cosby Hunt, Inspired Teaching’s Senior Teaching & Learning Officer, writes about the inspiration and origin of Real World History as an opportunity for students to “‘get their hands dirty’ with history.” A former student, her internship advisor and her parent all illustrate how over the semester the class saw “history as a story unfolding, with characters they could relate to.”

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