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Deal Teacher Wins School System’s Top Honor

2015 Inspired Teacher Leader Jan Schuettpelz was featured in a piece published in The Northwest Current, describing her designation as the DCPS Teacher of the Year. Jan’s engagement-based style of instruction makes science come alive for her students,

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Watch: Real World History student gives speech on Black masculinity

This winter, Real World History student Maya Branch gave a speech as part of the Project Soapbox competition, making a case for fighting Black hyper-masculinity. In this 2-minute speech, Maya demonstrates her ability to connect history to the issues that matter to her today, along with a mastery of the skills of historians such as critical thinking and persuasive communication.

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Jan Schuettpelz, 2015 Inspired Teacher Leader, named DC Public Schools’ Teacher of the Year

Jan Schuettpelz, a 2015 Inspired Teacher Leader, was awarded Teacher of the Year for the District. Jan is a seventh grade science teacher at Alice Deal Middle School. She participated in the Inspired Teaching Institute in school year 2015-2016, building her skills in engagement-based instruction in order to ensure her classroom is a vibrant learning community in which lessons are, in her words, “hands-on, minds-on.”

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2012 cohort fellows

Teacher Feature – Ms. Jessie Curry

"Now as an Inspired Teacher, I work with kids who come from a lot of different backgrounds, with different needs. It’s just as important for all of my kids to have someone who is pushing them to be their best self as it would be for someone who is coming from a very affluent background, who doesn’t have the same kinds of needs." Read more from Ms. Jessie Curry, a 2012 Inspired Teaching Fellow, teacher at Capital City Public Charter School, and Vice President of the Fellows Advisory Board.

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Mar 20 04:35 pm

Are kids too sedentary in school? Check out this article via @washingtonpost

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