Staff Spotlight: Brittany Jones

Brittany Jones recently joined the team full time as the Associate, Recruitment & Program Operations. She previously served as the Inspired Teaching Residency’s intern during the summer and fall of 2016.


Hometown:  Easton, CT
Undergrad & Major:  BA in Literature from American University, with Minors in Education Studies and French
Favorite Place in the DC area:  The gardens and grounds of the National Cathedral (it’s the best place to sit with a good book on a nice day)



Why Inspired Teaching?  I always loved school; I loved learning and writing and exploring and discovering new things about myself and my world. I loved engaging with my teachers, so many of whom provided me with the opportunities and support that made me who I am today. Realizing, however, that not everyone is lucky enough to have the kinds of teachers I had as a student, I came to Inspired Teaching with the desire to be part of a movement to bring more teachers like my own to more schools.

Who was a teacher who inspired you?  While in high school, I was frequently supported, challenged, and inspired by one of my English teachers. Writing and reading were always subjects that I loved; this English teacher, however, provided me with the opportunities to really explore my talents and interests. Giving out assignments within which students had extensive freedom in form and topic while also stimulating student risk-taking, this teacher changed the way I thought about what was possible through and by language. He created an environment where I felt comfortable experimenting: as I once turned in, for instance, an essay only two sentences (but still one full page) long. And it was finally due to this teacher’s prodding, persuasion and passion for reading and writing that I eventually decided to pursue a BA in English.

What is something interesting you’ve learned in your first few weeks here?  I just recently learned that the Inspired Teaching Residency was D.C.’s first local nonprofit certification program, and that our organization paved the way for other alternative certification programs in D.C.!

What is your role at Inspired Teaching? I support recruitment and logistics for the Inspired Teaching Residency. This includes acting as the main point of contact for anyone interested in learning more about the Inspired Teaching Residency, going to career fairs, reaching out to various partner organizations, and implementing and overseeing our selection process. I also manage our AmeriCorps reporting and maintain Fellow data.

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