Inspired Teaching Fellows share findings from yearlong inquiry, research projects

June 3, 2015

(Photos: Kien Nguyen/Center for Inspired Teaching)

On June 2, the 2013 Inspired Teaching Fellows presented their classroom-based action research, sharing their findings from these yearlong, teacher inquiry projects.

In their interactive presentations, Fellows shared the research questions that had intrigued them all school year; their conclusions and unanswered questions; and possible next steps for expanding their projects. Their work highlighted the role of teachers as changemakers in classrooms, schools, and society.

One of the final requirements for completion of the Inspired Teacher Certification Program, these projects provided Fellows with the opportunity to ask and answer authentic questions throughout the school year while studying their own practice. After program completion, the 2013 cohort of Inspired Teaching Fellows will continue teaching in DC Public and Public Charter Schools as they continue their careers as educators.

A full list of projects and photos from the event appears below. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact

A Novel Idea: Book Clubs in the Elementary Classroom

Alli Gilden, 4th grade, Key Elementary School (DCPS)

Managing Transitions in the Early Childhood Classroom

Alexis Aldridge, Preschool, School Without Walls at Francis-Stevens

“Raise your Hand” : The Impact of Gender on Participation

Juliana Klein, 4th grade, Bancroft Elementary School (DCPS)

“The bus! Come on, the bus leave you!”

Carlos Duque, PreK, Capital City Public Charter School

The Effect of Responsive Classroom Practices on Children with Impulses

Katie Korinek, 4th grade, Capital City PUblic Charter School

Mindfulness-Based Interventions for Children with Anxiety

Vanessa Robin, 1st grade, Murch Elementary School (DCPS)

It’s Never Enough: A Qualitative Study of the Impact of Teacher Work Hours on Job Satisfaction and Effectiveness in an Urban, Title I School

Jessie Papalia, 3rd grade, Capital City Public Charter School

Questioning as a Strategy to Promote Deeper Learning

Beth Carmichael, Kindergarten, Powell Elementary School (DCPS)

The Effect of Student Autonomy on Writing Development

Melissa Aponte, Kendergarten, Bancroft Elementary School (DCPS)

Students as Content Creators

Zia Hassan, 3rd grade, Truesdell Education Campus (DCPS)

Brain Breaks and Behavior

Nicole Jennings, Kindergarten, King Elementary School (DCPS)

The Power of Effective Transitions

Brittney Henderson, Kindergarten, West Education Campus (DCPS)

How Student Interest Affects Homework Completion

Samantha Clark, 4th grade, Takoma Education Campus (DCPS)

The Falcons’ Tree House

Alicia Ronquillo, 1st grade, Creative Minds International Public Charter School

Classroom Transitions: How Teacher Expectations Impact Classroom Efficiency

Elizabeth McNamee, 4th grade, Capital City Public Charter School

Differentiated Instruction: Increasing Student Engagement in Math Centers

Tess Burns, Kindergarten Plummer Elementary School (DCPS)

The Language of Reengagement

Anna Greenstone, Literacy, Plummer Elementary School (DCPS)

The Music Effect

Mike White II, PreK, Capital City Public Charter School

Helpful or Hurtful?

Renee Richardson, Kindergarten, Capital City Public Charter School

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