Images from Denmark: Play, Legos, Champions, and more from the 2015 LEGO Idea Conference

April 22, 2015

(Photos: Aleta Margolis/Center for Inspired Teaching)

From April 13-15, Inspired Teaching’s Aleta Margolis joined fellow Champions of the Re-imagine Learning Challenge at the 2015 LEGO Idea Conference in Billund, Denmark. Aleta met with thought-leaders and changemakers from around the world to discuss barriers to learning through play and to develop solutions together.

Inspired Teaching’s work was featured at the conference in two short videos showing how Inspired Teaching trains teachers to incorporate serious play within learning experiences for students.


Aleta Margolis joined the Re-Imagine Learning Challenge Champions and representatives from the Challenge sponsors, LEGO Foundation and Ashoka Changemakers.


Students at the International School of Billund celebrate their inventions with a “maker’s wall.”


In addition to exploring ways to shift mindsets and financial structures to support learning through play, conference attendees also discussed how to rethink measurements of impact and success.


Until next time, Legoland. #playtolearn

Visit Inspired Teaching’s Facebook album for more photos from Hotel Legoland, the International School of Billund, and the LEGO Idea Conference.

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