Empower Inspired Teaching Youth this Giving Tuesday

Three months ago, I enrolled in a class that is unlike anything I’ve experienced so far in my education. My name is Leah and I’m a junior at a DCPS high school in Washington, DC. This year, in addition to my regular coursework, I’m taking a class called Real World History offered by Inspired Teaching to students from all over the District. I’m writing to share my experience and ask for your support.

My classmates and I have already gone on field trips that enrich our minds with knowledge necessary for our future colleges and careers, and help us better understand our respective histories in the District. This spring, Real World History will provide my classmates and me with internships at places like Ford’s Theatre and Smithsonian museums. As a high school student, I find this extremely exciting. I have had very little work experience, and the possibility of an internship at the Smithsonian is something that, like many, I have never before fathomed.

I’m also in Inspired Teaching’s Speak Truth program–student-led discussions on current events that matter to us. This has allowed me to connect with other students by way of opinion–whether I agree with them on the topic or not. Connecting with others regardless of seeing eye to eye on a variety of topics is an extremely important skill to develop–and getting this experience as a teenager means we will be equipped to do this as adults. These programs set students up for success in every way possible, and I am appreciative to everyone at Inspired Teaching for making them available to students like me!


Inspired Teaching believes that education should be rich with these kinds of experiences–this year, we’ll provide them directly to more than 500 students. And through our teacher training programs, we’ll help hundreds of local educators design inspiring and engaging learning experiences for thousands of students in their classrooms.

These programs affirm for young people that they are valued contributors to a community that has a shared past and a shared future. Our programs introduce students to people with experiences and ideas that are different from their own–and demonstrate that it’s possible for us to honor each other’s perspectives, respectfully disagree, and find common ground.

Now more than ever, this is what our community and our nation need.  Inspired Teaching is proud to play a part in building the next generation of leaders who will act with imagination, intellect, and integrity.

We rely on support from individuals like you who believe that every young person deserves an inspired, engaging, and life-changing education. Your gift will ensure that Inspired Teaching can continue to deliver the services that expand the horizons and enrich the lives of young people in DC.

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