Owning Identity & Practicing Equity

Owning Identity & Practicing Equity

Participants will explore and acknowledge personal, perceived and ascribed identities, their intersections and how these identities shape the ways in which we live our lives, both as individuals and as practicing educators. As a group, we will explore various meanings and stances around equity to grapple with both the ambiguity around the word “equity” itself and its implementation in schools. Participants will collaborate with each other and facilitators to plan for and grow equitable classroom practices through sharing, exploring, creating, and modeling new strategies.

Appropriate for: all educators at all grade levels


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August Inspired Teaching Institute

Meeting new classes for the first time can be daunting! So many names to learn, so many new personalities to get to know. Join us on Wednesday, August 10 as we share what we’ve learned through working with hundreds of new classes for more than 27 years.