Elly Young – Board

Elly Young

Teacher Leadership Specialist, Montgomery County Public Schools

Elly Young is an instructional specialist on the Elementary Integrated Curriculum team for Montgomery County Public Schools. She earned her BA in Communications from American University in 1999. After graduating from college, Elly came to work for Inspired Teaching as a program officer, and continued her work with Inspired Teaching as a faculty member. She earned a Master’s degree in elementary education from Teachers College, Columbia University in 2001. She taught in New York City Public Schools and Montgomery County Schools for 8 years. She earned her National Board Certification in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy in 2006. She has worked as a staff and development teacher in MCPS and as a central office specialist for the last 9 years.

Elly’s recent work in Montgomery County Public schools has focused on curriculum development, school improvement and professional learning.

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