Building School Connectedness

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You can view our conversations with Dr. Sarah Ash Combs (attending physician, Children’s National Hospital) and Dr. Tangy Millard (principal, West Potomac High School) below!

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Activities for Building Connection

Inspired Teaching offers an array of easy-to-implement strategies and activities for building connection in your classroom. We’ve highlighted a few below and encourage you to learn more about our Inspired2Learn and Instigator of Thought Challenge resource collections.


Sometimes one person can have lots and lots of feelings — different from each other. This activity encourages students to explore that experience.

Zoom Out

Considering the size of our problems in relation to larger context can help us understand the nature of the issue better, and sometimes even makes the problem seem less huge


In a moment when the world is especially fraught with change and uncertainty, we are all struggling to observe, name, and adjust to the flood of feelings around and within us. This activity was created in response to that reality.

4 Ways to Start Class with Breathing & Mindfulness

Starting class with stillness, attention, and deep breathing can set a peaceful tone for your day.

Coloring Our Emotions

Talking about feelings is vital to building mutual respect in the classroom. Considering feelings in a visual way can deepen that discussion.

Professional Development

Professional learning that is fun and engaging is also effective! Join us for our monthly Inspired Teaching Institutes for a unique, joyful professional development experience that will help you build connection with your practice, your students, and your school community. 

PD to promote a “Yes! And…” Mindset

In this article in Kappan magazine’s May 2023 issue, Aleta shares in-depth insights and research into how — and why — to create relevant and engaging professional development opportunities for teachers.

Read the article here.

As we prepare for the start of a new school year, we will hold conversations with expert guests, who will share invaluable insights on mental health, well-being, and community.

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