2014 Inspired Teaching Fellows and summer school students welcome community to “Celebration of Learning”

August 3, 2015

(Photos: Center for Inspired Teaching)

On July 30, the 2014 Inspired Teaching Fellows and their students welcomed parents, families, and members of the community to a “Celebration of Learning.” Students shared and explained projects they had completed over the course of the 2015 summer school session at Capital City Public Charter School.

Pre-K students focused on a range of topics including construction, the mechanics of building, and weather patterns. First grade students, who had studied transportation, shared an exhibit on how they could transport a balloon across the room using their own energy – their breaths.


celebration-learning-2015-2One fourth grade classroom designed Rube Goldberg machines, machines they explained were able to “complete a simple task.” One of their creations was able to turn off the lights, and another was able to ring a bell. Guided by students, visitors were tasked with visiting the “Blueprint Center” to design a Rube Goldberg Machine of their own. Another fourth grade classroom invited guests to play the “Minion Blast Mini Golf Course,” which students had designed and created using cardboard, construction paper, water, plastic tubes, and many other objects. 



The classrooms of third, fourth, and fifth graders designed futuristic tools that would be great to have in everyday life. Examples included the clothes transporter, which puts your clothes on for you; the grabbot, which automatically grabs things such as a tree falling on a car; and the food delivery machine that delivers your food for you so you don’t have to go to the grocery store. This classroom also made and brought healthy snacks for the visitors to enjoy.


The 2014 Inspired Teaching Fellows have completed their residency year in the 24-month Inspired Teacher Certification Program. This summer school session allows them the opportunity to continue building their skills as educators and Instigators of Thought as they complete final preparations for becoming teachers of record in their own classrooms in the fall of 2015.

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