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LaTonia Smith Cokely


Kaneia Mayo Crumlin


Cosby Hunt

Manager, Inspired Teaching Youth

Kathryn Eliscar

Financial Administrator

Aleta Margolis

Founder and President

Max Peterson

Youth Programming Coordinator

Christine Sheridan

Program Grant Manager


 Board of Directors

Maria Laura Acebal, J.D.

Ashoka’s Youth Venture, North American Group Leadership Member

Jeffrey Franco

CEO, Camino Consulting and Adjunct Professor, American University

Aleta Margolis

Founder and President

John Nolan

Chair; CFO, Determine Inc.

Elly Young

Teacher Leadership Specialist, Montgomery County Public Schools

Joy Zaben

Vice President, Chief of Staff to the President of Retail and Direct Banking, Capital One

 Founder & President

During her time as a teacher in the 1990s, Aleta Margolis had a realization: the education system was failing to prepare students to face the challenges of our complex and rapidly changing world. The system did not value creativity, academic exploration, or even engagement in the learning process; rather, it prioritized order, self-control, and compliance.

After graduating college, Aleta taught high school students in the juvenile justice system. Her students had few chances to talk about the problems that plagued their city: the crack cocaine epidemic, gun violence, and gang violence. In her classroom, her court-involved students examined the system that disadvantaged them, and together they wrote, produced, and performed a powerful play that offered concrete solutions to the issues they faced.

Aleta knew the same systematic educational inequities that disadvantaged her own students, affected students nationwide. She saw first-hand that teachers have the power to construct classrooms systems in which each student is an expert and has a voice. Aleta wanted to make this a reality for every child’s school experience in the entire education system. As a teacher, Aleta recognized that teachers are the key to ensuring schools actively and authentically engage young people so they are able to thrive. This prompted her to shift her own focus from teaching students to teaching teachers.

“As a classroom teacher myself I saw the amazing changes that happened when students were asked to think for themselves instead of sitting passively while their teacher ‘delivered’ instruction. I knew teachers were the key to building a better school experience for students. So I started Center for Inspired Teaching to invest in teachers and help them re-think the way they do their jobs.”Aleta Margolis

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Inspired Teaching offers you a chance to make a difference and grow professionally. We seek talented, dynamic, and highly-skilled individuals who share our belief that every student, regardless of race, geography, or income level, can thrive in an engagement-based classroom with an Inspired Teacher.


We are educators, athletes, parents, bookworms, and storytellers. From DC natives to global travelers, our staff is a group of ambitious professionals passionate about improving the school experience for every student. Apply today to be part of our entrepreneurial and impact-driven team.



Inspired Teaching is looking for a Youth Programming Intern. All interested applicants should email their cover letter and resume to operations@inspiredteaching.org. This position is available immediately.

Position Description

Since 1995, Center for Inspired Teaching has been investing in teachers and students toward our goal of transforming the school experience: from compliance-based to engagement-based. Our Youth-Facing Programs, Real World History and Speak Truth, are a critical part of our mission.

Inspired Teaching seeks an aspiring educator to assist in the management and growth of Speak Truth. We seek someone with strong digital outreach skills and experience in event planning committed to improving teaching and learning for students in Washington, DC and beyond.

Responsibilities of the Youth Programming Intern include:

  • Meet all volunteer requirements (including background check, online and in-person trainings) as mandated by District of Columbia Public Schools;
  • Meet with Youth Programming Leads for 60 minutes once each month to reflect on previous seminars and plan for upcoming seminars;
  • Co-lead a 90 minute preparation session for student facilitators the Wednesday prior to each seminar;
  • Create paper and electronic fliers advertising upcoming seminars to potential participants and manage email outreach to students and teachers;
  • Work from 3pm to 8pm on seminar days (once monthly) by setting up rooms, checking-in students, monitoring rooms, and cleaning up;
  • Communicate electronically with teachers and students about upcoming seminars;
  • Make visits to schools to invite students to seminars or check on upcoming seminar sites

Stipend and Time Period:

This position carries a stipend of $250 per month. The position is open immediately and runs through June 2020 with possibility of renewal in September 2020 for the 2020-2021 school year

Applicants should send a cover letter and resume to operations@inspiredteaching.org

Center for Inspired Teaching is an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to a diverse workplace. Persons of color and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.