Meaningful, Measurable Learning

Students of all ages learn best when they are fully engaged with complex, interesting problems.

Extensive research and review of in-depth studies in the field propel Inspired Teaching to transform the school experience. Our program evaluation and research are driven by a our commitment to preparing students and teachers to thrive. Inspired Teaching conducts research through classroom observation, surveys, interviews, and external review.

 Guiding Principles

Grounded in research, our work centers on guiding principles that promote teacher success and student academic, social, and emotional success.

You showed me how a group of people who don’t really know each other can easily have a conversation.

— Inspired Teaching Youth, 2018

 Research Briefs

Inspiring Improvement: A tookit for evaluating and growing professional learning programs that promote engagement-based pedagogy

This toolkit contains resources for organizations who wish to undertake evaluation of their teacher training and professional development programs that promote teacher leadership, cultivate teachers as changemakers, and actively encourage engaging, student-centered instruction.
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The critical need for replacing compliance-based teaching with engagement-based teaching

This white paper promotes the urgent need to adopt engagement-based education in all of our nation’s schools. Most education organizations and education policymakers advocate for the need to raise “student achievement,” but too narrowly define this goal to mean only raising standardized test scores, a goal that is primarily achieved using methods that promote student compliance. Students need to be engaged for lasting, meaningful learning to occur.
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Inquiry-Based Teaching

Inquiry-based teaching invites students to explore academic content by posing, investigating, and answering questions. This approach puts students’ questions at the center of the curriculum.
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Relationship-Based Discipline

Relationship-based discipline is a student-centered approach to classroom management that relies on strong, mutually respectful, personal relationships to engage cooperation in the classroom.
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Investing in Teachers Through Mentoring

Teacher mentoring is an individualized form of professional development that involves a holistic approach to personal improvement. Mentoring is a key aspect of Inspired Teaching’s programs that ensures teachers are able to operationalize best practices.
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 Annual Reports

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