The Inspired Teaching Approach

 Mission & Vision


Center for Inspired Teaching envisions a future in which every person is prepared to thrive in and contribute to our complex and rapidly changing world, through an education that teaches students how to think.


Inspired Teaching transforms the preK-12 school system by cultivating changemaking educators who authentically engage their students as active learners and empathetic critical thinkers.

 Philosophy of Teaching & Learning


Teachers are the most influential school-based factor for student success, and are the key leverage point for change in the education system.

That’s where we come in.

Inspired Teachers actively engage students as empathetic, critical thinkers so that every child is able to thrive in, and contribute to, our complex and rapidly changing world. They demand more from their students than passive compliance or rote memorization. Inspired Teachers recognize the unique, inherent potential in every child, and challenges their students to solve complex problems, collaborate, and pursue continual learning and growth.

We define an excellent education as students excelling in the 4 I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity®. To ensure students successfully build the 4 I’s, school must include 5 Core Elements:

 Our Values

Our work at Center for Inspired Teaching draws on a foundation of inclusivity, regard for the rights and safety of all people, and respect for the dignity of educators and students. We believe that it is our collective obligation as a society to take responsibility and care for every child, and to work together to give every young person a happy, healthy start in life.

Inspired Teaching recognizes that the education system can either perpetuate or combat systematic oppression. Our organization exists within a world that is historically designed to marginalize individuals and communities based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religion, and ability. To actively and intentionally interrupt systems of power and oppression, we are more committed than ever to promoting civil discourse and social justice, starting in the classroom.

Through authentically engaging trainings, with Inspired Teaching students and educators have meaningful opportunities to engage in discussion, debate, and action around the topics that affect their lives, across racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender, sexual orientation, and other identities. We enact our beliefs and values by investing in a continual process of strengthening awareness and deepening cultural competence.

Inspired Teaching is great at jarring educators from a ‘norm’ in teaching and establishing the success of individual children (not classes, or grade levels, or test scores) as the center of the classroom.

— Inspired Teaching Fellow (’09)