Center for Inspired Teaching is proud to partner with the below organizations committed to cultivating change-making educators and promoting engagement-based education

Inspired Teaching Demonstration School Logo

Inspired Teaching Demonstration School showcases the Inspired Teaching approach and serves as a training site for the Center’s Inspired Teaching Residency. If you’d like to see Inspired Teaching in action, please join us for a school site visit.

Trinity Washington University partners with Center for Inspired Teaching to offer coursework leading to a Master of Arts in Teaching as part of the Inspired Teaching Residency.


We work with DC Area Educators for Social Justice, a project of Teaching for Change, to promote and develop programming for the Black Lives Matter Week of Action in Schools, as well as other initiatives.

The Astra Center for Innovative Education has partnered with Center for Inspired Teaching to create the National Alliance for Engagement-Based Education, an initiative designed to engage like-minded individuals and organizations to transform PK-12 schools and systems across the country.

Capital City Public Charter School serves as a training site for new teachers enrolled in the Inspired Teaching Residency during the school year, as well as in their summer school program.

We are a member of the National Center for Teacher Residencies, a national network of high-performing Residency programs dedicated to preparing new teachers for long-lasting, successful careers in schools.


We support Teach to Lead, an initiative of ASDC, Teach Plus, and the U.S. Department of Education. Currently, Center for Inspired Teaching works with ASCD to cosponsor a National Youth Summit, a student-focused extension of the Teach to Lead Summit format.

We participate in the DC STEM Network to support DC educators’ ability to design engaging, inquiry-based, standards-aligned STEM experiences for students in our community.

The Inspired Teaching School gives kids the freedom to think for themselves and encourages them to create learning opportunities on their own, which fosters ownership in their education. This philosophy is such a great character builder.

— Parent, Inspired Teaching Demonstration Public Charter School
September Inspired Teaching Institute

Teachers can’t control what happens between the time students wake up and when they arrive at school but they have a lot of control over what happens when students cross the classroom threshold. Participants in this fast-paced, idea-rich Institute will learn 20 different strategies for starting the school day!