Humanities Hub

 Integrating Theory and Practice

Humanities Hub equips teachers with skills to embed authentic engagement and real-world experience into their curriculum.

Open to all high school Humanities teachers, this professional development opportunity is designed to expand the model of Real World History to more contexts and students. Each Humanities Hub cohort explores how Real World History teaches students the skills of an historian by pairing academic coursework with internship experience at a DC historical site. Participants will observe and facilitate Real World History classes before building upon this model of experiential learning and authentic engagement in their practice. Humanities Hub participants also receive extensive support as they develop and incorporate new curriculum, including classroom mentoring, regular professional development workshops, and access to a cohort of like-minded professionals.

Mr. Hunt makes you go outside of your comfort zone in a way that assists in the development of students–and that is a priceless thing throughout the whole experience. The relationships let me relate to students I don’t normally get to talk to and I get to know different perspectives because we come from different parts of the city, different schools, and different experiences.

— Student, Real World History