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I’ve slowly realized that Center for Inspired Teaching was a huge part of shaping the way I view young people, myself as an educator, the system of education and my role in shoving it towards equity, inclusion and compassion.

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Mar 28 10:10 am

What r ur beliefs abt teaching and learning? Explore ur dispositions w/ our very own Cosby & Dave at @deeperlearning https://t.co/g7ENy8K81N
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Program Timeline

The Inspired Teacher Certification Program is a 24-month program, thoughtfully structured to support the preparation and development of new teachers.

Through intentionally sequenced graduate coursework and practical learning experiences, Fellows are immersed in instructional best-practices that result in student-centered, data-driven classrooms. Introduced to Inspired Teaching through a summer experience, Fellows then complete a residency year and summer teaching practicum where they develop the skills and dispositions necessary for a successful fellowship year and career as an educator.


  • Inspired Teaching Fellows are selected through a rigorous multi-step process designed to identify exceptional Fellows committed to a career in teaching.

Summer Institute

  • A three and a half week introduction to Inspired Teaching designed to jumpstart Fellows’ thinking about teaching and learning.

Residency Year

  • Alongside a lead teacher, Fellows gradually take on the responsibilities associated with being a classroom teacher while engaging in graduate coursework toward an MAT.

Summer Teaching Practicum

  • Fellows demonstrate their residency year learnings by teaching summer school classes that result in student-centered, data-driven classrooms.

Fellowship Year

  • Supported by intensive mentoring, Fellows, as teachers of record, synthesize and implement lessons learned to create classrooms grounded in sound instructional decisions and strong relationships with students.

Alumni Network

  • With a minimum teaching commitment of two years beyond program completion, alumni work as educational changemakers – influencing the landscape of public education.

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