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The Inspired Teaching School gives kids the freedom to think for themselves and encourages them to create learning opportunities on their own, which fosters ownership in their education. This philosophy is such a great character builder.

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Fellow Experience

Through a 24-month residency program, each Inspired Teaching Fellow is prepared for a successful and sustainable career as a teacher and changemaker in Washington, DC while earning a DC teaching license and a Master of Arts in Teaching.

The Inspired Teacher Certification Program is rooted in the belief that teachers, as Instigators of Thought®, can be changemakers in their classrooms, schools, and society as a whole. Becoming a part of Inspired Teaching means joining a movement to change the way children are educated. Inspired Teaching believes that teachers will ultimately change schools in our country to ensure that all children reach their full potential.

Through a year-long residency, Fellows learn the skills and dispositions of an Inspired Teacher under the guidance of a lead teacher, arming Fellows with the knowledge and experience necessary for a smooth transition into their teaching career. In their second year, as teachers of record in District of Columbia public schools, Fellows continue to receive intensive classroom mentoring. Fellows pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching at Trinity Washington University during both years of the program.

The Inspired Teaching model for teacher preparation ensures that teachers are well-prepared for sustainable and effective careers as urban teachers. A 2013 Fellow reports, “as a new teacher this year, I can proudly say that I am not survival teaching. Though I have innumerable areas where I would like to grow as a teacher, I believe I am serving my students daily as an Inspired Teacher.” Inspired Teaching Fellows significantly outscore peers on nationally normed assessments, and 94% of school leaders report that their Fellows meet or exceed their expectations for first year teachers.

Teacher Feature: Beth, 2013 Inspired Teaching Fellow



“Part of our job as teachers is to prepare students to be capable human beings in our communities and in the future workforce.

For a student, being able to trust that your teacher believes in you and wants you to grow makes you try harder.

I want to create a mutually beneficial system where we all look out for one another. That works in life, and it works in a classroom.”


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