Inspired Teaching Residency

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I thought I’d developed a really strong understanding of what teaching was. Inspired Teaching completely tore those notions apart and opened my world up to countless wonderful possibilities.

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Teacher as Changemaker

Being an Inspired Teaching Fellow means joining a movement to change the way students are educated.

Inspired Teachers are committed to being changemakers in their classrooms and beyond.  Inspired Teaching believes that true shifts in the educational landscape will happen only with and by teachers. If democracy is to remain strong, teachers must focus more closely on their critical role in preparing citizens to be active participants in society. And if teaching is to attract and retain bright, passionate men and women who are up to this exceedingly difficult task, then we must make teaching the sort of profession that truly values teachers’ intellects as well as their emotions.

The Inspired Teaching Residency is committed to cultivating changemakers in classrooms, schools, and society. Inspired Teaching Fellows demonstrate an exceptional commitment to doing what is best for children and for the profession. The program is structured to support Fellows on their journey to becoming educational changemakers for the schools and families of the District of Columbia.

Through assignments and discussions associated with the Fellows Seminar course, Fellows will seek to impact the teaching profession and redefine the role of the teacher. Assignments will include writing blogs for a wider audience, submitting classroom-based action research to peer-reviewed journals, and exploring other means for bringing public attention to the conversation of the teacher’s role in education reform.

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