Inspired Teaching Residency

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What I have benefited from most is the consideration of the whole child – the idea that the child should be met where they are and considered an individual in the context of the classroom environment is a paramount concept.

— Travis
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May 26 03:20 pm

Learn more about how Real World History transforms the school experience for DC high school students
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About the Program

Inspired Teaching Fellows participate in one of the most intensive new teacher training programs in the nation, including a year-long teaching residency; integrated graduate coursework grounded in a research-based philosophy of teaching and learning; and intensive classroom support during both the years of the program.

  • Receive a DC teaching license in early childhood (preK-3rd), elementary (1st-6th) or elementary inclusive education.
  • Experience a residency year that seamlessly connects theory and practice by training in classrooms of lead teachers and learning professional best practices while immersed in the realities of day-to-day teaching responsibilities.
  • Earn a Master of Arts in Teaching from Trinity Washington University through a customized program of graduate coursework that prepares new teachers using current practices and research from the field.
  • Benefit from intensive classroom mentoring which provides constructive feedback, instructional coaching, and personal support.
  • Learn to be an Instigator of Thought, teaching students how to think, not what to think. Through Inspired Teaching’s instructional model, students benefit from an education that is inquiry-based and student-centered.
  • Serve as a full-time AmeriCorps member, joining a national network of individuals committed to public service, and access benefits including a financial education award, childcare benefits and student loan deferment.
  • Join a network of educational changemakers, and influence the education landscape both inside and outside of the classroom. Work to transform education as a means to achieve social justice by hosting classroom visits, writing for blogs, and presenting at local and national conferences.

Meet Inspired Teaching Fellow Zia (’13)

zia-himself“When I became a teacher, noticing brilliance became my anchor. I made it my mission to genuinely and truly appreciate the brilliance in every single child I encountered.

Each of my students is so much more than a reading level, a report card, or a test score, and this is never clearer to me than when I watch students engrossed in play. When they play, anything is possible; and because they have the opportunity to design and create the experience, each student’s brilliance gets to shine.”

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