Inspired Teaching Residency

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Inspired Teaching means teaching with creativity and joy, always focused on experiences that will enrich your students and ensure their future success.

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Financial Arrangements

The Inspired Teaching Residency offers the experience of a full-time job combined with the benefits of a full-time graduate program.

During the residency year, Fellows receive a financial stipend to assist with living expenses. While enrolled in the program, Fellows are full-time graduate students and are responsible for tuition costs, to be paid directly to Trinity Washington University. Inspired Teaching Fellows receive a special discounted tuition rate, that is covered by the first year stipend.

As full-time graduate students, Fellows are also eligible for a federal student loan to provide additional income in the residency year. As teachers, Fellows may qualify for teacher loan forgiveness programs through the federal government.

In the fellowship year, teachers are compensated by their school of placement, and receive the same salaries and benefits as other full-time first year teachers. The starting salary for an Inspired Teaching Fellow in DCPS is typically around $53,000.

Inspired Teaching Fellows are eligible for AmeriCorps benefits, and receive a $5,775 education award from AmeriCorps at the completion of their first year. As AmeriCorps members, Inspired Teaching Fellows are eligible for student loan deferment. Inspired Teaching fully expects its renewal application to be successful, but Inspired Teaching Fellows’ status as AmeriCorps Members is contingent on grant renewal, and cannot be guaranteed.

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