Inspired Teaching Residency

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Inspired Teaching makes me realize how intellectually stimulating and engaging this profession is – that I will be learning by huge amounts every year I teach.

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Become a Residency Partner School

The Inspired Teacher Certification Program’s purpose is to train high quality, career teachers to act as changemakers in the DC education system thereby ensuring fulfillment of Center for Inspired Teaching’s mission of transforming the school experience for all students from one that emphasizes compliance to one that embraces engagement and development of the 4I’s: Intellect, Inquiry, Imagination, and Integrity.

The role of the residency partner site is to serve as a mission-aligned training ground for new teachers. Characteristics of an effective residency partner site include, but are not limited to: effective and engagement-based instructional practices; relationship-based behavior management systems; a positive school climate, including high teacher, student, and parent satisfaction; a dedication to the education of all DC students, not only those enrolled in the school; and a learning culture for students where mistakes are encouraged, embraced, and – when appropriate – reflected upon as a community to encourage individual growth.

Schools interested in becoming a residency partner site go through a formal review process including an electronic application, a school visit that includes classroom visits and interviews with various stakeholders, and formal classroom observations using the CLASSTM scoring system. Decisions to create new partner sites are made in January of the school year immediately prior. Schools not selected as residency partner sites will be offered opportunities to participate in other Inspired Teaching programming, including the Inspired Teaching Institute, Instigator of Thought Online Challenge, or school-based professional development.

Apply to become a Residency Partner School

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