Inspired Teaching Residency

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Inspired Teaching did a great job getting me to think creatively about how I teach – loosening my preconceived thoughts just enough to embrace some new approaches.

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Praxis Core Academic Skills

The three-part Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators exam must be passed before enrollment in the Inspired Teacher Certification Program.

The Praxis Core exam is a computer-based test and can be taken at any Praxis center. The fee for a combined, computer-based Praxis Core test is $135.

To take all three exams at once, sign up for Praxis Core Combined Test: Test Code 5751.

Testing Area

  • Core Reading – Test Code: 5712; Minimum passing score: 156
  • Core Writing – Test Code: 5722; Minimum passing score: 162
  • Core Mathematics – Test Code: 5732; Minimum passing score: 150
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Please visit to register online and for more information about the Praxis exams.

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