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Inspired Teaching has helped me to maintain a flow of engaging and empowering lessons this year.

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Apr 24 03:45 pm

Congratulations to 2 of our Real World History internship sites, @LincolnsCottage and @NMAAHC, for winning @wcp Best of DC Awards!
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Real World History serves as a model and a resource for engagement-based educators. The following series of videos was produced by WETA Television, with support from the National Writing Project.

“I tend to roll my eyes when I see extraordinary stories of teachers reaching students.  Not because I have anything against extraordinary teachers personally.  It’s just that the very definition of extraordinariness means that most teachers and students won’t be able to benefit from said teachers’ feats.  However, show me deliberate practice that is both rigorous and real–then you got me.  And this clip from the National Writing Project showing Mr. Hunt working with his students did just that. Excellent pedagogy, that is just ordinary enough in all the right ways.”

– Tom Liam Lynch, Gradgrind’s

Why History Matters

Real World History, a competency-based education course designed to model engaging and rigorous instruction, challenges students to make connections between academic subjects and their own lives.

Thinking Like a Historian

Cosby Hunt leverages his students’ inherent interests and skills to get them to engage deeply with history. “High schoolers like to argue,” he smiles, “and history is an argument about the past. Our arguments about the past change all the time. That’s one thing I hope they take away from the class.”

Effective Writing Workshops

Lead an effective writing workshop, using Inspired Teaching’s asset-based approach to instruction. Real World History teacher Cosby Hunt starts by identifying each student’s strengths. He gives feedback to help them maximize their strengths while addressing areas for growth.

Primary Sources

Guide students through a deep exploration into history, as they engage with primary sources and interview people who experienced historical events firsthand. Real World History students conduct an oral history project to understand the Great Migration and build 21st century skills like critical thinking, research, and communication.

Zawadi’s Internship

Use the city as an extension of the classroom, provoking students to engage in deep learning everywhere they go. In the second semester of Real World History, students apply their skills during internships at historical sites throughout Washington, DC.

National History Day

Real World History students demonstrate what they have learned in a national competition. Cosby Hunt directed each student, “Connect the place where you’re doing you’re internship to the theme, Leadership and Legacy, to a personal interest of yours.” A pair of students took first place this school year, in the group documentary division.

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