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Literacy Design Collaborative

“We are excited to announce that Center for Inspired Teaching and LDC will now be working together to bring transformative teacher professional development to even more educators. Inspired Teaching’s inquiry based approach, deep understanding of backwards design, and disciplinary expertise work in concert with LDC’s rigorous and intensive teacher professional learning model. With over twenty years of experience providing high quality professional learning that truly builds teacher expertise, Inspired Teaching is a valued partner and we are looking forward to an exciting collaboration.” -Chad Vignola, Executive Director, LDC


Center for Inspired Teaching is proud to partner with the Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC). LDC is a teacher-created instructional design system that transforms educator practice through the use of tools and resources that facilitate collaboration, content development, and professional learning to effectively implement College and Career Readiness Standards in K–12 classrooms. Research has demonstrated that teachers using LDC tools have seen a positive impact on student achievement.

As an approved professional development partner of LDC, Inspired Teaching supports educators in successfully using the LDC instructional design framework through an array of customizable services with site-embedded coaching as the centerpiece.

From 2011-15, Inspired Teaching partnered with the District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) to write LDC instructional modules for each DCPS social studies unit, creating over sixty instructional modules for grades 6-12. From 2014-16, Inspired Teaching expanded the partnership to create LDC-inspired instructional modules for the DCPS science curriculum, grades K-12. Some of those modules were the foundation of DCPS’s new Cornerstones initiative, including the award-winning “Three Religions, One Sacred Place” module, which has been taught in classrooms nationwide, as shown on the map below.


“Three Religions, One Sacred Place” was recognized as “exemplary” by a jurying committee from the Stanford University Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity, which wrote about the module:

“This is a fine example of how a tightly built task focusing on a very specific topic is the best way to bring students to the door of big ideas and enduring understanding. . . . The reviewers applaud the wise and careful application of genre to content . . . . The interplay of texts is sophisticated and inventive, mixing primary sources, video, maps & charts, and secondary sources that are both authentic and accessible to sixth grade readers.”

Inspired Teaching looks forward to working with other schools and school districts to co-design and implement standards-aligned instructional plans and writing tasks.

Whether your school or district is new to LDC or has years of experience with this framework, Inspired Teaching can support your practice.

Contact Cosby Hunt at or 202-462-1956 to learn more.

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